Polica- Chain My Name (Perera Elsewhere Remix)

Polica-Chain My Name (Perera Elsewhere Remix) is the remix that introduced me to Perera Elsewhere, aka Sasha Perera. Her rendition of the song strays so far from the original that it truly represents what a remix should be, more of a recreation. This is one of those songs for repeat play, it burns slow and has a lasting affect.

Sahsa Perea is a London-born, Berlin-based singer/ songwriter and the most recent international addition and “first lady” on the LA based Friends of Friends label. Her debut album, Everlast, focuses on the “corruption of organized religion, gender discrimination and technological advancements leading to human over-dependence.”

“its been a long time by the look of things
long time money’s running everything
the same 10 families that run this show
friends with the president, friends with the pope”

With the single Bizarre, you really get a feel for her album and it’s clear focus on social/political issues.

perera elsewhere